Thursday, May 20, 2010

So this is it..........................
We have made it to the final day of the trip and looking back it was more than amazing. Every second of this trip was life changing and came with new challenges. I couldn't have asked for a better trip.
And I couldn't have asked to end the trip on a more beautiful day. This morning bright and early we got up ate breakfast and headed out for the cliffs. I have been looking forward to this part of the trip the entire time, and it didn't let me down one bit! It was breath taking. It was one of those places that grab your attention and make you sit and admire it for everything its worth. No photo I took could honestly depict how amazing and truly awing it was. It was by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
We went to a Medieval dinner as our last supper together. It was hilarious and fun filled. Between the food and Bobby G singing I couldn't have asked for a better way to finish off the trip.
Everything here is imprinted in my mind as an amazing moment. I can't pick just one thing that will stand out because this trip for me is a trip that is engraved in my memory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Free day in Killarney!
It was a very nice relaxing day here filled with shopping and photo shoots. My day started with Mmmmm another very filling, fantastic, Irish breakfast. The breakfast was simply incredible, I couldn’t ask for any other way to start my day off.
After breakfast I got ready and went shopping with some of the other girls and Zach. It was a great time to venture around town and explore. This town is filled with shops and restaurants so it was over all an easy day to blow money.
We had a fantastic lunch of sandwiches and such in the park across from our hotel. After lunch we spent the next hour and half having photo shoots. (HAHAHa) It was amazingly fun to just waste the day like that. It was a much need relief.
Later we had a lecture from Mr. Malone who is the group editor for The Kerrymen newspaper.
I finished the day off with a great dinner, with great friends.
Tomorrow is the cliffs; I have been waiting this entire trip for this part. So I’m sure tomorrow’s blog will be well worth reading because I am so excited.

What a long day! It was the first real day of bad weather since we have been here. Although I feel blessed in this aspect, I also feel like Oh come on we could really have used the nice weather for today. It was the day for the bus tour through the Ring of Kerry; this is one of the best sights in all of Ireland. It would have been an amazing photo opportunity, but the rain held us back from all our award winning photos.
We got to see this sheep herding thing. It was really cool and the dogs were fantastic. It made me really miss my dog. ( Shout out to Kay!!)

The rain basically held our day back from all the greatness we could have seen and expierenced, but I think it was still a great day.

After our bus tour we had dinner and a show at Danny Mann Lounge. It was authentic music and dancing. ( if the video would work on here I would love to show everyone some, but for whatever reason I can't.)

Thats all for today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

this video is late, but as my mother says " better late then never." So this is us at our old apartment with no hot water.

Cobh has been beautiful!!

Quick side note before the real meat of my blog. Here in Cobh they love to ring church bells, at all hours of the day/night. In the beginning I loved it, but it quickly faded after about hmmmm two times. So imagine just a constant ringing over and over and over...................

Also as a quote from Chelsea Prestia " Our bedroom is like an orphanage." I'm in a room with three other girls and the way our bedroom is lined up looks just out of sorts. Also sleeping and waking up like this was creepy. HAHA thank goodness I love these girls!

So today I opened the morning with a fantastic traditional Irish breakfast. MMMMmmmmm girl! It was amazing! My plan was to take a picture of it, but once it was placed in front of me there was no stopping me. So today I have no food pictures.

After my wonderful breakfast. We headed out to RedFM radio in Cork. They are the local radio that is geared towards 15-35 year old, so basically they play only current pop music so I had no idea what was going on for the most part. It was still really interesting to find out that Ireland still loves and appreciates radio! We had a few people come in and talk to us and we got a nice little tour around the place. The coolest thing I noticed was how happy people were to work there. It seemed like a fun and creative atmosphere for everyone.

Then we headed to Blarney Castle, you know to do all the touristy things like kiss a bacteria infested rock. Hahaha I'm just messing with everyone, I fully appreciate the whole aspect of it.

We walked around the ground for a little while and everyone got their chance to kiss the stone. We also got to do some much need gift shopping!

Once we got back we have been having a pretty relaxed evening. A couple of us went down to get dinner by docks. But what we didn't really realize is that once you climb down this mountain, you have to climb back up it. That was an interesting adventure!!

That's all for today!! Tomorrows adventures take us down to Kerry!

I'm looking forward to it!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I will do a quick recap of yesterday and today for everyone.

But first I would like to do a quick shout out our tour guide Rachel. She had to leave the group early for personal reasons, but the group is falling apart without her. It's just not the same we could have really used her today!!!!!!!!! So Rachel if your reading this you are greatly missed and I'm the last person that would acknowledge this because it would give you a big head! hahaha

Yesterday ( Saturday) was our free day in Dublin and also our last day. I wanted to just take the day as a regrouping day, so I slept in and didn't roll out of bed until noon time. It felt amazing to just relax and not feel rushed in anyway. After getting my act together Kristen, Bethany, and I strolled around the city and layed in the park for a little. It was a beautiful day, so basically it was just a really calming day. That was much needed!

Saturday was just my lay around day. I fully enjoyed every second of it.

Today (Sunday) we got up around 9 and headed to Cobh. We headed through Wicklow Park it was filled with magnificent mountains. We also visited Glendalough and St. Kevin's Monastery this too was amazing and interesting.

We had a long ride from Dublin to Cobh but it was very scenic, good thing I slept through the majority of the trip!

Cobh is beautiful it doesn't even feel like we are in any part of Ireland, it feels more like a seaside country.

We got a lovely tour and learned the history of the city and about the Titanic it was very informative, but I will say Abby's research paper was much more interesting!!

That's all for today!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday was a crazy filled day that I don’t even know where to start for this one. It was a packed day filled with trains, bus tours, lectures, and a Belfast dinner.
Friday was our Belfast day which meant a long train ride to Northern Ireland. The train was pretty comfy, but I had to sit across from our 7ft tall Grad student, Andy. It was a long ride of tangled legs.
After the train ride we arrived in the industrial Belfast. I felt like it probably hasn’t changed for a decades. We took a bus tour of the city which was really cool because we got to see how the Catholic and Protestants fighting really affected them.
The bus tour also brought us around to some really cool murals, cathedrals, and city sites. It was really informative and overall a great experience.
We also got to go to a great lecture at the Belfast Telegraph. This was interesting to find out how much Northern Ireland uses the Internet. Basically the entire country has broadband.
After that we got to eat dinner. I enjoyed muscles, chicken, and apple crumble desert. It was amazing.